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We don’t often dwell on our HVAC system until we’re living without it in the heat of summer. Rather than lay around for heating service in Fauquier County, avoid the irritation by hiring the best name in AC repairs around. Woody's Sudden Service distributes quick, reliable service when you need it most.

Our staff devotes themselves to quality customer service. We want to offer cooling service that is experienced, detail-oriented, and with the long-term health of your system in mind. It is our professional duty to make sure all repairs are completed correctly the first time. This is regardless of how long it takes or how big the job is.

Whatever you’re looking for, Woody's Sudden Service has you covered. We offer emergency repairs for sudden breaks or malfunctions. We also offer thorough inspections and maintenance for keeping your system in great shape. Don’t forget we can install a wide range of new and energy-efficient upgrades. With our know-how, you’ll keep cool all day long.

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There are lots of different problems or malfunctions that can happen to your air conditioner. Some of them are tiny and easily manageable while others are more serious. These are best left to seasoned technicians who know possible risks and what to be aware of. You may want to try maintenance yourself. But keep in mind that familiarizing yourself with signs of trouble can be an enormous help.

For example, many people will discover their AC unit won’t start in the first place. This may be because of an electrical malfunction somewhere in the system. The thermostat or breaker box is often the cause. If these are malfunctioning or damaged, your AC won’t know to turn on.

Another regular issue is when hot air flows instead of cold air. You may be low on refrigerant, so make sure to check. If you are unsure of where it’s kept inside your air conditioner, check your owner’s manual. We’re familiar with all makes and models of cooling systems, so feel free to give us a call if you could use some help!

Even if the power is on and the AC is working, you may discover it isn’t actually lowering the temperature of a certain room or part of your home. This can be because the air conditioner is getting on in years and unable to perform as efficiently as it used to. But it could also be a clog in your air filter. Check the filter and vent openings first, and regularly change the filter every few months.

AC Service in Fauquier County and Surrounding Areas

If you do decide to go with professional techs, Woody's Sudden Service can provide the highest quality AC service in Fauquier County. If you’re still thinking it over, consider the benefits. You’ll have complete peace of mind that a fully trained, friendly technician will be resolving every problem with your air conditioner’s long-term health in mind.

Feel free to ask your technician about enrolling in one of our annual AC maintenance plans. These plans were carefully made to maximize the potential of your AC unit by regularly scheduling inspections and routine maintenance. We’ll inspect vital machinery and provide lubrication or tightening to worn parts. We can also replace any starting to break. You’ll find this can make your air conditioner more energy efficient. This can reduce your monthly energy bills and even improve your AC’s total life span. A healthy air conditioner will provide years more of service and comfort.

That being said, no air conditioner runs forever. Typically systems can remain in place for 10-15 years. After that your air conditioner is more likely to need repairs, and will be much less efficient than it used to be. You could discover you’re spending more on frequent repairs than what a replacement unit would cost. Save yourself a lot of stress and money by considering new AC installation in Fauquier County. Woody's Sudden Service offers installation services with the same quality and expertise. We’ll sit down with you and review your options. You’ll have the chance to figure out what brand, pricing or wanted features will best fit your needs and financial health. Whatever you end up picking, we’ll help make sure it remains in fantastic condition.

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